self declared fashionista

self declared fashionista

Hey C,
I like to think that I’ve always been a little avant garde in my fashion sense (okay, lapse grades 5-7), but maybe that’s because I was born at the tail end of the eighties, and then grew up in the nineties, where basically anything was permitted. I particularly remember loving rompers (for some reason the word culottes is what I recall referring to them as) because they were cooler than dresses, more fun than overalls, and comfortable. But most of all, I loved dressing up – gypsy, interpretive dancer with sparkly-tie-dye laces up my legs, maiden, you name it. We had a pretty extensive dress-up box, full of all kinds of accessories that could be used to fit any role, and we took our characters out on adventures through the yard, and sometimes even across the neighborhood.

Growing up with a sister is growing up with a best friend (though brother status is not to be spat upon!), and as an older sister, sometimes a personal slave, ahem I mean assistant. But in all truthfulness, despite the occasional spats throughout the years, no one is closer – in almost every sense of the word! – to me than my sister! Whether by genetics or by emotional understanding, we’re linked, and this here blog is to help keep that flame afire while our physical lives may be far far apart.

Love, B


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