Shalom, sis!

Well the baton’s been passed and I’m pretty slow on the uptake but now that I’m back on the other side of the planet from you, I guess it’s about time I’ve logged another post!

Thinking back to your last post about itchy feet I can say for sure that I’ve been doing some major travel dreaming and scheming as of late. I’m thinking about culinary exploration of new foods and places – and wondering how I can incorporate all my favorite things into one big amazing adventure. Here’s the idea: you + brother + his girl + me + my boy on an action-packed, taste-bud enthralling, sight-filled bike adventure across Israel. The more I think about hummus and challah and shakshuka the more I want to visit this strange homeland. I think it’s a good place to start, ye?? One step at a time, and the whole world will be uncovered by your exploratory exertions.

I feel your anxiety about trying to fit it all in. I feel like no matter how much I read, I have read nothing, how much I travel, I have been nowhere, and how much I try new things, there is so much more to experience. But on the flip side, as I now am entering my third consecutive year living in this “northern venice”, I am grateful that I am beginning to really know this place. To understand it, to breathe in rhythm with it, and to really feel content. I realized not long ago that as much as new places are exciting to take in, sometimes there is such great joy in really knowing a place – the nooks and crannies, your favorite hangout, to wander and never be lost. I recall these feelings about places that I know so well that I’m almost afraid that I’ll forget – tracing maps in my mind of the floors and walls in our Guilford house, the trails to the deep hole and Huckleberry point, the outline of the mountains from the balcony at Elka… places that mindlessly my eyes have passed over countless times that now I grasp to hold onto because some are gone forever and others are simply too far away.

In the end I guess it’s a balance between taking things in – really and deeply – and expanding your horizons. I want to allow the taste to unfold itself in my mouth; I want to digest and to savor the flavors, so that the memories will linger on. La vie quotidienne, c’est la plus interessante pour moi.

Speaking of France, I totally support your aspiration for a cottage in southern France. Just gotta fall in love with a Frenchie, easy as un-deux-trois. (Remember Rose used to love that show — I think it was about dancers?)

In the meantime I’ll be here, exploring the food blogs of the internet and unloading the contents of my kitchen, listening to stories from other lands, and transporting myself far far away without even having to put on clothes.hood




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