2014 Wrap Up

Hi cutie,

I’ll see you soon in Sedona (where we should explore the local fare) but I thought that I should wrap up 2014 with a blog post.

It’s crazy how much can happen in a year. We visited Jens in Berlin, I moved into a new home, I lost a best friend (Vered), I got promoted.

When I think of the highs of 2014, I think of my birthday. I organized a picnic in Kalorama Park. As the sun was setting my friends started to arrive- Evan, Michael, who was in charge of the grill, Diana, Alex, Jess, Charlotte, Alison, Victoria, John, Julia. We stayed there until 2 am, drinking, eating, smoking, slacklining, playing frisbee. At the end of the night, it was me, Marina, Michael, and Julia. We sat around the picnic table and talked about being 24 and what we wanted to work on in the coming year. It was the perfect ending to a really beautiful day. At 2 am, the night is beginning to really settle in. Music from Adams Morgan begins to fade, people walking home from clubs become sparser, homeless people burrow into their blankets behind trees in the park, and the four of us sat at the picnic table and downed the last drinks. I love that the 3 people I held closest to me were there till the end. It made me feel that they, too, held me close. Julia- my fun soulmate, Marina, my go-to-girl, and Michael. I remember talking about decisiveness. In my 24th year, I wanted to become more decisive.

What a year. Now I live in an adorable house on Capitol Hill with Charlotte and Martin. We have a quiet neighborhood and a backyard. I have friends down the street and am secluded from the social climbing social anxiety ridden center of DC. I love it. This home makes me feel secure and calm. It’s crazy how where you live affects your psyche so much.

2015 brings my 25th year on earth. Freshman year of college I put sticky-notes on my desk of what I wanted to be: elegant, gracious. Those were the two I remember. I still want to be that. I want to treat the earth and others with maturity and generosity. Most of all, probably, I want to be responsible. I want to clean up, be organized, and respect myself, others, and my future.

And I don’t want to lose sight of my dreams. I want to work towards my dreams: starting some sort of small business, having a commune, and living abroad and becoming fluent in another language. I want to work unfailingly towards them.

And I want to overcome my fears by trying new things and testing myself. I want to push myself further than I ever thought I could go. I know I have a propensity towards overbooking myself and jumping from one thing to the next. I want to master things and not waste my time. We only have so much of it on this place.


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